Drajal praises Kuwait’s positions in support of the Basra file to host Gulf Arab states, 25 / expanded

Baghdad, The Minister of Youth and Sports, Adnan Darjal, arrived today, Thursday, to the State of Kuwait, accompanied by the Governor of Basra, and the President and Secretary of the Normalization Life of the Football Association, to support the Basra file to host the 25 Gulf states.

They were received by Minister of Information and Minister of State for Kuwaiti Youth Affairs Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, Director General of the Public Authority for Sports Dr. Hammoud Fleetah, and Chairman of the Kuwait Football Association Board of Directors Sheikh Ahmed Al-Youssef Al-Sabah.

Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi welcomed the delegation, praising the visit which he described as a meeting with loved ones and brothers, while the Director General of the Public Authority for Sports Dr. Hammoud Fleetah and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Football Association Sheikh Ahmed Al-Youssef Al-Sabah praised Minister Darjal's enthusiasm and his interaction with various youth and sports issues in Arab Gulf states, and they emphasized the mutual support between the two brotherly countries, which was clearly reflected during the friendly match for the elected officials in Basra, which bore great implications.

The Minister valued the honorable positions of the brothers in the State of Kuwait, stressing that they are greater than description in words, and what followed the match with the brotherly Kuwaiti team, will be represented by large work programs between the youth of the two countries in various fields and in a manner that meets the aspirations of the youth of the two brotherly countries.

In a statement to the Kuwaiti media, Darjal said, "We chose the first State of Kuwait in the delegation's visit schedule for several considerations, the most prominent of which is the depth of the historical relationship between the two brotherly countries."

He indicated, until the delegation would visit the Gulf countries, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, the date was not commensurate with the officials of the Football Association in them, who support Basra's hosting of the tournament.

The delegation will clarify many matters to the federations in the Gulf states, stressing the utmost care to meet the demands of the inspection committee, and take into account all the observations it made.

Today, an Iftar banquet was held in honor of the delegation, which was preceded by a friendly round of discussions related to Basra's preparations for the 25th Gulf Cup .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency