The Quds Force Welcomes The Dialogue With Saudi Arabia

Baghdad The Assistant Commander of the Quds Force for Economic Affairs, Rostam Qasimi, announced that Iran welcomes dialogue with all neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Qasimi added, according to Russia Today,: I welcome the establishment of relations with all neighboring countries and I have experience in this field. I traveled to many of these countries and held discussions while I was Minister of Oil.

Qasimi’s statement comes days after the disclosure of a meeting in Baghdad early April with two high-ranking delegations from Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Financial Times quoted 3 officials as saying that Baghdad hosted a first round of talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia on April 9 that dealt with attacks by Iranian-aligned Houthi forces from Yemen on the Kingdom, adding that the meeting was positive and a new round is expected in a process supported by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.

Saudi Arabia had cut its ties with Iran since 2016.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency