Al-Rahebeen Mosque in Dumat Al-Jandal Tells Story of 150 Years Ago

As part of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation in the Kingdom, which seeks to rehabilitate abandoned historic mosques, the historic Al-Rahebeen Mosque, which dates back nearly 150 years ago, has been reopened in Dumat Al-Jandal.
The historic mosque is located in the Al-Rahebeen district in the center of Dumat Al-Jandal Governorate, about 50 km from the city of Sakaka, the administrative capital. Residential neighborhoods and farms from all sides surround the mosque. At that time, the mosque was built of mud and stone, with Tamarix (Athel) trees and palm fronds used to make the mosque’s roof, which consists of a prayer house and the courtyard surrounded by a wall with two entrances and a minaret on an area of 240 square meters, to accommodate about 115 worshipers.
White frames decorate the mosque’s doors and windows to give it a wonderful view with the clay colors used in its construction.
The Prince Mohammed bin Salman project reopened the mosque to worshipers after it was rehabilitated using the same materials in the past with some necessary additions, such as waterproofing the ceilings, loudspeakers, air-conditioning, lighting, and carpets in order to preserve its historical value, in addition to building toilets, using the same materials and design.
Today, the local residents frequently visit the mosque to perform the daily prayers as they used to 150 years ago.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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