Vice President Of The Gulf Football Association: Everyone Wants “Gulf Cup” To Be Held In Basra

Dubai, The Vice President of the Gulf Football Association, Jassim Al-Shukaily, affirmed that the establishment of the Gulf Cup is not a secondary matter for the Gulf countries at the level of leaders and peoples, but rather it is one of the basics that everyone is keen to continue with the achievements and lofty goals they have achieved in their triumphant journey that the members of the General Assembly of the Federation will determine the next situation for the next tournament.

Al-Shukaily said in a press statement, “The talk about not holding the next tournament in light of the crowded calendar of the Gulf teams, especially in the double qualifiers, the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asian Cup, is not true and it is not realistic at all.” Noting that «the work by the competent Gulf committees in this championship continues in order to decide the place, specifically in Iraq in Basra Governorate, provided that matters are settled very soon and during the next meeting of the Executive Office», revealing that «the President of the Gulf Federation Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa is the one who saw that the postponement for the General Assembly ».

He added, “Everyone is motivated to resolve the place and date, since there is agreement to establish it and consider this as a priority for leaders and sports officials in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.”

Regarding the Qatar file and the disparity of news about its withdrawal, Al-Shukaily said: “The Qatar file that was presented was not a substitute for the Iraq file, but was only a reserve as a ready-made alternative through an integrated file, therefore the basis is that everyone agreed that the championship will be held in Basra, and if it is not possible, therefore, the championship may be held in another place, whether Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain or other countries of the Council, but the most important thing is that the 25th championship will be held.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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