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Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, spoke at a memorial service organized by the “Gathering of Muslim scholars” in memory of Sheikh Judge Ahmed Al-Zein, whom Nasrallah described as “a high and upscale model distinguished by honesty, knowledge, sincerity and purity,” underscoring his “presence in all the squares and forums; the rebellious resistance clear in his vision and his courage in expressing opinions.”

“Sheikh Al-Zein was consistent in his stances and firm in his belief in unity, and in the face of major entitlements he did not weaken or waver,” Nasrallah said, noting that “wavering is one of our Arab world’s calamities.”

“Sheikh Al-Zein favored everyone who stood with Palestine, so he stood next to Imam Sayyid Musa al-Sadr on the day he founded the Front for the Support of the Palestinian Resistance, then with the Islamic Resistance, and with the Islamic Revolution in Iran that toppled the Shah, who was a Shiite in sectarian affiliation but was in reality an American collaborator and an instrument to it, thus a strategic ally of Israel and an enemy of the Palestinian people.”

“The Islamic revolution in Iran, on the day it triumphed, brought down the flag of Israel and raised the flag of Palestine in Tehran, so Sheikh Al-Zein was one of the first to go and support Imam Khomeini to the point of pledging allegiance to him,” he added.

In this context, Nasrallah criticized “the huge torrent of sectarian tension against the Islamic revolution in Iran since its victory,” pointing to “the insults suffered by Sheikh Al-Zein and all Sunni scholars because of their stance on the events in Syria.”

“Resistance is the only hope for the liberation of Palestine,” he stressed, praising the role of “Islamic movements, Sunni and Arab personalities, and the Gathering of Muslim Scholars in their refusal to classify the war on Yemen as one between Sunnis and Shiites.” He said: “The most difficult stage for our fellow Sunnis was in the past ten years. Their stances were the most daring, especially since they were few.”

He thus recalled “the interaction of the Arab and Islamic peoples with the victories of the Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, and how the enemies of the Resistance tried to mislead the public.”

“The conflicts going on in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt had nothing to do with Sunnis and Shiites, but when they reached Syria, the enemies tried to render it a sectarian conflict, but the positions of Sheikh Al-Zein shattered this image.”


Turning to what is going on in the war in Yemen, the Secrteary-General of Hezbollah said: “There are calls to stop the war, and there is a Saudi initiative and international-Yemeni communication, but there is also a wrong portrayal of the call to end the war in terms of accusing the Houthis of refusing such an end. That is unjust.”

“What is offered to the Houthis is not to stop the war, but to continue the siege on them through political and social pressure, and this is a deception that does not fool our Yemeni brothers,” he assured, appealing to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its rulers “not to waste time in stopping the war in Yemen, and to open the door for right-wing parties to hold dialogue among each other.”

Nasrallah touched on “Land Day,” and said: “The Palestinians were patient and resisted and did not submit to Trump’s pressure, which torpedoed the deal of the century the way he wanted it to be.”

He pointed out that “the second party, after Trump, in the deal of the century is Netanyahu, who is in a difficult situation,” refusing to address “the third party in this deal, which is Saudi Arabia.”

Turning to the international scene, Nasrallah said: “We are witnessing very important international developments today, and it is clear that America’s priority is China and Russia. There is an American effort to prevent Iran from being on the side of Russia and China, thus the American effort to return to the nuclear agreement. What Iran did not give to Trump will not be given to the new administration, when on the verge of overcoming the blockade.”

To the parties of the regions who bet on America, Nasrallah advised against such a betting, “because the wait will be long, and America is no longer what it used to be. It is on the path of decline and contemplating descent, and that has to do with its internal problems.”

“The axis of resistance is heading upward,” he said however, calling “not to wait for America or international developments, but rather to initiate dialogue, the sooner the better. This is the horizon that we see.”

Nasrallah stressed that “Israel is also contemplating descent.”

Tackling local affairs, he stressed that “we are not in a position of despair. Do not despair; there are serious and collective efforts to overcome some obstacles in the matter of forming the government. It is time for everyone to seek real solutions.”


Source: National News Agency

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