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The decrease in the price of Basra Light crude

Baghdad, The price of Basra Light crude decreased, on Tuesday, while the province’s heavy crude recorded a noticeable increase in prices.

Basra Light oil exported to Asia, according to the Dubai Stock Exchange, decreased to 68.82 dollars a barrel, a decrease of 0.78%, compared to last Thursday’s prices.

Basra heavy crude prices recorded $ 66.40 per barrel, an increase of 0.79 percent.

The price of Saudi Arabian Light Oil was $ 68.90 a barrel, while the Emirati Murban blend recorded $ 68.86 per barrel, the Algerian Sahara Blend scored $ 67.24, while Nigerian Pony Light scored $ 67.51, Kuwaiti $ 68.56, and Angolan Gerasol $ 67.93.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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