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Al-Kadhimi: We Succeeded In Making Iraq Have A Regional And Global Role In The Calming

Baghdad, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi affirmed that Iraq had a regional and global role in the calm, so yesterday the Minister of Foreign Affairs was in Iran and then in Saudi Arabia and other countries, indicating that Iraq will play a pivotal role in the calm and today everyone listens to Iraq.

The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, said during the Ministerial Council for National Security that was held today, Sunday, regarding the situation in the Dhi Qar Governorate: There are clear instructions from the first day of forming the government, which summarize the importance of protecting the demonstrators and protecting the right guaranteed by the constitution with these demonstrations, and we will not accept the suppression of any demonstration, and we will hold all those who transgress the demonstrators accountable.

He added: We have very clear military directives and orders not to use live weapons to confront the demonstrations, whatever the cost. This government emerged from a special situation and we must not repeat the previous mistakes by committing any crime and using live weapons against the demonstrators, but we witnessed during the past days the fall of some victims, and we directed conducting rapid investigations to hold the perpetrators accountable.

We do not allow the forces that exploit their constitutional right to attack the security services, and the duty requires preserving the dignity of the security services and preventing attacks on them, and the agencies must carry out their measures to protect themselves and arrest anyone who attacks the security services or the public right.

He said, “I ordered the formation of a higher investigation committee headed by Lieutenant General (Basem Al-Taie) and consisting of members of the army, intelligence and national security to reach the truth of what happened in the recent days in the city of Nasiriyah, and they were given one week to uncover the facts.

He pointed out that we had previously uncovered the perpetrators in Tayaran Square (last July) within hours, as well as in Basra, and we will reach the perpetrators in these investigations.

Al-Kadhimi stated that the decision to change the governor of Dhi Qar was taken months ago, and we met dozens of candidates to reach a name that enjoys the consensus and agreement of the people of this noble province, and for this the National Security Adviser and the Head of the National Security Service Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani Al-Asadi went to Nasiriyah, and then the Minister of Interior went, and there is a group delegations, dignitaries, and social and political actors to reach an agreement to solve the problem of the governor.

He continued: It is no secret that there is a kind of political polarization in Dhi Qar Governorate, so we must solve the issue of the governor’s position.

He explained: We had two options, either to maintain the same situation or to send a message of reassurance to the citizens that we are serious about searching for solutions, and that is why we have taken a decision to dismiss the governor and assign Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi to temporarily manage the governorate’s affairs until a new governor is agreed upon, especially as the province is on the verge of an important human global event which is the visit of His Holiness the Pope to Nasiriyah.

“We have taken the decision to dismiss the governor in order to send a message to our people in Dhi Qar that we are serious about achieving solutions, and I hope all parties, social, political and tribal actors and activists will cooperate with Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani Al-Asadi,” he said.

He added: We have formed an advisory council of nine personalities from Nasiriyah who are known for their competence, integrity and experience.

He continued: “I asked brother Abdul Ghani Al-Asadi to communicate with the demonstrators, tribal sheikhs, dignitaries, social and political actors and elites in Nasiriyah to present to us a group of names of candidates for the position of governor. We asked for five names that we discuss in the Council of Ministers and choose one of them.”

He said, “The position of the governor is supposed to be chosen through fair elections, and it is not the prime minister’s task, and since there is a legal problem mainly in the case of the governor of Dhi Qar and there is no ability to hold provincial council elections now, I ask notables, political forces, demonstrators, and all people of this province should agree on a name for the candidate soon.
He added, “I came in a difficult situation to stop the bloodbath, to stop the plans to divide Iraq, and to protect the country from the results of the American-Iranian rivalry on the land of Iraq and from the results of the rivalry and the struggle of the brothers with each other … Then I leave and hand the trust to those who are brought about by fair elections.”

He stressed that, with the efforts of this government, we stopped the attempts to divide Iraq and passed the stage and we passed the economic crisis and put the Iraqi economy on a healthy start and the results of economic reform began to appear, and we succeeded despite the circumstances and challenges, in providing a reserve for the Central Bank that exceeded 4 billion dollars in a short period, and we succeeded in reducing dependence on oil is in the 2021 budget and made it 70% after it was 96%, and the percentage was in favor of revitalizing industry, agriculture and other sectors.

He said there were those who bet on the bankruptcy of the state and not paying employees’ salaries, but the government succeeded in overcoming this. As well as fighting corruption in the notorious currency auction.

He added, “We endure the stabs with patience and calm. We will not be dragged or succumb to the policy of reaction, but rather we will work to correct many paths of the political process. We will stand against all anarchist and terrorist groups and all outlaws.”

He said: O my people, you must cooperate with me to save our country from severe economic, health and security crises that impede its path, if some forces, parties, some political voices and voices of corruption are trying to mislead you … Pay attention to this misinformation.

He continued, I say especially to some of the forces that I know have been trying to occupy me and the government for months with successive daily crises in order to prevent us from serving our people and even say that Iraqi patriots are not better than others. I say: ((Whoever thinks that he can implicate me with blood; we will not get involved with Iraqi blood)).

He said this government is a tent for everyone, for all the political blocs, the social sectors, the peaceful demonstrators, and all the social actors, I hope this message will reach me.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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