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Shura Council Holds 19th Ordinary Session

Riyadh, Presided over by its Speaker Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al Al-Sheikh, the Shura Council held virtually here today its 19th ordinary session.
During the session, the Shura Council approved a draft agreement between the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the government of the Republic of Latvia for the avoidance of double taxation with respect to taxes on income and on capital as well as the prevention of tax evasion, and its draft protocol, which was signed in Riyadh on 07/11/2019AD.
The Shura Council also approved the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s accession to the Protocol of 2014AD which complements the Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29).
The Shura Council also discussed several issues on its agenda.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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