VIVAIA’s PRODUCT TESTER Campaign Receives Glowing Reviews from Footwear Testers: More than Comfort

MIAMI, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VIVAIA, a sustainable footwear brand, launched a PRODUCT TESTER campaign and sent out 200 pairs of shoes worldwide for genuine review. In the campaign that has just concluded, VIVAIA has been highly praised in the reviews posted on social media. Of which the key words “comfortable”, “stylish” and “sustainable” are applied most frequently to describe VIVAIA’s footwear.

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  • Comfortable

With the insoles crafted using soft natural latex foam and outsoles out of carbon-free rubber, the VIVAIA flats are designed for a highly elastic and soft feel.

“The sole is so comfy and I literally can walk around in them all day without worrying about any heel pain.” from @dentistlifeinablink

– “I’m never the one to skimp on aesthetics but finding a pair of beautiful flats that can comfortably carry you for hours without blistering your feet or hurting them, has always been a tough hunt. I walk long and fast and most flats don’t stretch to accommodate either.” from @eman.mohammd

  • Stylish

All VIVAIA shoes are the combination of fashion and function, with timeless silhouettes that are perfect for adding to any outfit for any occasion.

– “The shoes cover well the toes, so adapted socks aren’t visible. They look and feel stylish, well made and qualitative.” from @parisiananywhere

– “To be honest I can wear them every day. They are perfect for office days, or regular day out with friends.” from @aiamwa

  • Sustainable

All of their materials are environmentally friendly, sourced directly from nature and carefully crafted to minimize the impact on the Earth. Every pair of flats is made up of 6 discarded plastic bottles recycled from the ocean, and all of their packaging is created using 100% recycled cardboard.

– “My pair of shoes is made from six plastic bottles! I feel great by wearing them and saving the planet!” from@ulyanafil

– “But my favorite thing of all (and the reason I really wanted them rather than other brands) is that they are sustainable. 6 plastic water bottles were used to make them, preventing them from being broken down into microplastics and harming marine life. So my feet look and feel good, and I am also doing good.” from@haspassportmusttravel

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