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SCC Signs Executive Program Agreement with ISU to Support and Empower Saudi National Cadres in the Field of Space Sciences

Riyadh, The Saudi Space Commission (SCC) signed an executive program agreement with the International Space University (ISU) today in an effort to enhance the ways in which it collaborates with other entities in training, thereby empowering Saudi National Cadres to achieve in space sciences, research, and innovation via academic experience exchange.
The memorandum was signed by the CEO of the Commission, Dr. Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh and the president of the university, Dr. Juan de Dalmau, via a video call which was attended by the Assistant Chairman of the Board of Directors for Institutional Affairs, Majed Alsheddi, the Head of Planning and Development Sector, the Head of Operations and Space Programs, the General Manager of the Human Capital Development Department, and adviser to the Saudi Space Commission, Dr. Haitham Al-Tuwaijri.
The agreement aims to jointly support education and scientific research at the graduate level by providing integrated educational national cadres training programs through which human capital can be developed, and by investing in research and development related to the space field.
The Saudi Space Commission seeks to strengthen its partnerships with local, regional, and international bodies in order to achieve the strategic goals of the Saudi space sector in a way that contributes to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. It aims to do so by providing opportunities and exploring possibilities that raise the space sector’s level to international standards and therefore place it among advanced countries in the field.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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