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Minister of Health Reassures the Public: Variant Mutant Strain not more Infectious than the Current Coronavirus, Vaccines Deemed Effective against it

Riyadh, The Minister of Health Dr. Tawfig bin Fawzan AlRabiah reasserted here today that the recently emerged variant mutant strain of the COVID-19 is currently under study and closely followed up, pointing to the keenness of the wise leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through taking all related appropriate precautionary measurements, against that backdrop, including the ban of travelling in order to assess the situation and understand the impact of such a mutant on the Coronavirus.
The minister’s remarks were aired, during a TV interview with Al-Ikhbariyah channel.
He explained that the mutant is not more ferocious or severe than the current Coronavirus, indicating that the efficacy and effectiveness of the vaccines at avail, probably would not be affected by such mutation, and as such the situation is carrying good tidings.
Assessment of how quickly the variant mutant strain spreads, is still under study, he elaborated to conclude.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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