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ICESCO’s Chief Recites Poem Exalting, Reminding Exuberance of Arabic, Commemorating its World Day Occasion

Rabat, The Director General of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) Salim M. AlMalik recited here today a poem shedding light on the linguistic exuberance and abundance of the Arabic language, during a great ceremony the organization, recently held, to celebrate the anniversary of the World Day of the Arabic Language, corresponding to Dec. 18.
An elite of prominent officials, executives, academics, world agencies representatives and research centers’ experts, from all over the world, attended the event, in a tremendously cultural demonstration, to commemorate the Arabic language day.
Explaining why he preferred to remind the world of the prestigious status and old glories of Arabic through the poetry rather than other sorts of pros, he said poetry is the best appropriate vehicle of discourse, in terms of condensed ideas, supremacy in value and fascination of eloquence.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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