Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Report Submitted by UN Secretary General on Iran Confirms Its Direct Involvement in Missile Attacks Targeting the Kingdom

Riyadh, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the report presented by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres on Tuesday before the Security Council on Iran, which confirmed the Iranian regime’s direct complicity and responsibility in the sabotage attacks that targeted Aramco’s Abqaiq and Khurais oil facilities in eastern Saudi Arabia, as well as the targeting of Abha International Airport in southern Saudi Arabia with cruise missiles and drones last year. The report concluded that they were Iranian in origin.
The Ministry affirms the confidence of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the United Nations and its key bodies, including the Security Council, and that they will fulfill their mandate to safeguard international peace and security and stop all systematic violations of international laws and norms which Iran has been committing and its use of its terrorist modus operandi since 1979.
The ministry stressed that the findings of the UN report should leave no room for doubt among members of the international community regarding Iran’s hostile intentions towards the Kingdom in particular, and the world and the Arab region in general, and that it also exposes Iran’s continued sabotage and hostile acts aimed at destabilizing the region’s security, as well as its logistic, military and financial support to terrorist militias in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere, without any regard for international covenants and treaties, and the principles of good-neighborliness.
The ministry stated that by inviting international and UN experts to take part in the investigation in the attacks against its territories and corroborating it with undisputed evidence, the Kingdom demonstrated its commitment to a high level of transparency to the international community and its adherence to international law and the Charter of the United Nations, as well as the Kingdom’s keenness on the stability of the region and its refusal to be dragged into Iran’s machinations to ignite conflict and chaos in the region.
The Kingdom reiterated that it will not under any circumstances allow to stand violations of its borders, threats to its national security or threats to the safety of international marine routes or the global economy due to the hostile behavior pursued by Iran.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stresses the need for the international community and the Security Council to take appropriate measures to maintain the arms embargo on Iran which prevents it from importing or exporting weapons to reinforce the international community’s effort to limit the crimes and hostility of this regime which have become substantiated with undisputed evidence.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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