Commerce Ministry: Abundance of food supplies, commodities, products and stockpiles in Qatif

Riyadh, The Ministry of Commerce's monitoring teams have carried out field tours to verify the availability of food products and commodities in Qatif Governorate.

This comes after the decision to temporarily suspend entry into and exit from the Governorate in implementation of preventive health precautions to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus COVID19.

The Ministry of Commerce affirmed that there is an abundance of food supplies, commodities, products and stockpiles in Qatif, and that supply chains will be monitored in all regions of the Kingdom.

It urges all consumers to understand precautionary measures to ensure their safety, and in case of any complaints or comments, the Ministry of Commerce calls for reporting them through the Communications Center on the number 1900, or through the application of "commercial communication", or the Ministry's official website on the Internet.

Source: Saudi Press Agency