Yemen’s PM meets with China’s ambassador

Riyadh, Yemen's Prime Minister Mueen Abdulmalik called on the United Nations to ask the world community to issue calls for quietness, truce and cooling down of the current escalation managed by the Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen, citing the recent military aggravation in the governorates of Maareb and Al-Joaf, north and east of Yemen.

In a meeting with China's ambassador to Yemen Kang Yong in Riyadh today, Abdulmalik said the Houthi militia exploited the current truce in effect in Al-Hodeidah according to Stockholm Agreement to open new military fronts, further aggravate the humanitarian catastrophe and foil the international calls for reducing the tension in the region.

He added that talk about consultations amid this new escalation by the Houthis is meaningless unless we see an international effective action to coerce the Houthis and the Iranian regime supporting them to succumb to a political solution, according to the Yemeni news agency.

Source: Saudi Press Agency