Real Estate Development Fund Deposits 1,700 Million Riyals in Accounts of “Sakani” Beneficiaries

Riyadh, Real Estate Development Fund has announced the deposit of (1,700) million riyals in the accounts of citizens benefiting from (Sakani) program for the month of January 2020.

The Fund's spokesperson, Hamoud Al-Osaimi, pointed out that the total amounts deposited in the accounts of Sakani beneficiaries since the announcement of subsidized mortgage in June 2017, and until the end of January 2020, reached 14,850 million riyals.

He also stressed the fund's commitment for the fourth year in a row of depositing the monthly funding in the accounts of the beneficiaries of subsidized mortgage since the announcement of the transformation program in 2017, adding that according to the monthly report of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), the signed mortgage loans in 2019 were more than 179,217 contracts in compare to 2018, which recorded 50,496 contracts.

Source: Saudi Press Agency