SAIP Holds Symposium on Its National Strategy

Riyadh, The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) held here today a symposium on the National Strategy of Intellectual Property.

This symposium included the definition of the Authority and its functions, as well as the definition of the national strategy of intellectual property and its impact on the future of the Kingdom. A general questionnaire is conducted to analyze the current state of intellectual property in the Kingdom as one of the stages of the implementation of the strategy.

The National Strategy of Intellectual Property also aims to drive innovation and product competitiveness through the use of IP and the financing of its products and the development of innovative start-up companies in addition to stimulating the market economy by improving the legal system of intellectual property and raising the level of respecting intellectual property rights which make the Kingdom a leader in the field of intellectual property in the Middle East and North Africa.

Earlier this year, the Kingdom signed a cooperation agreement with the Republic of Korea on the National Strategy of Intellectual Property Program. The partnership with the Korean side included the preparation of the Master Strategic Plan and a five-year implementation plan, being one of the developed countries in the field of intellectual property, which implemented a five-year national strategy for three consecutive times and achieved outstanding success placing it in the leading positions in the indicators of global competitiveness and innovation.

Source: Saudi Press Agency