Yemeni Civilians killed, Others Injured by Al-Houthi Terrorist Militia in Hodeidah

Aden, Three civilians, including two children, have been killed by a landmine planted by Iranian-backed Al-Houthi terrorist militia and their snipers' bullets south of Hodeidah governorate in western Yemen.

Local Yemeni sources confirmed that a seven-year-old child was killed and his brother was injured in a mine explosion in a vehicle they were traveling in Al-Haima area south of Tahita directorate while they were returning to their home.

A 13-year-old boy was wounded in his chest while playing in front of his family home due to an attack carried out by a sniper linked to Iranian-backed Al-Houthi militia in the same directorate, the sources quoted by September website of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense as saying.

Source: Saudi Press Agency