Al-Houthi militia Continues Violating Ceasefire Agreement in 3 Directorates in Hodeidah

Aden, Yemeni military sources said that the Iranian-backed Al-Houthi terrorist militia mobilized dozens of its militants on the outskirts of Al-Durahimi directorate, south of the western port city of Yemen, while continuing attacks on Yemeni army positions in different parts of the southern towns of the governorate.

The sources said that the militias pushed dozens of gunmen riding motorcycles and military vehicles towards the farms on the outskirts of the directorate, while opening fire from various weapons, including sniper weapons on the positions of government forces stationed in the east of the directorate.

Moreover, Al-Houthi militia also launched attacks on Yemeni army positions, in the east and north of Al-Tahita directorate and north of Hays directorate in the south and southeast of Hodeidah, as part of their ongoing breaches of the UN-brokered truce and ceasefire.

Source: Saudi Press Agency