In Collaboration with Nazaha, World Bank Holds Courses on Utilizing Digital Tools to Reduce Corruption Risk, in Govt., Procurement

Riyadh, The World Bank, in collaboration with the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is conducting a training course entitled: Utilizing digital tools to reduce the risk of corruption, in government procurement".

The course is attended by a number of employees in the procurement and contract departments of the ministries of interior, finance, health, education, municipal and rural affairs, in addition to the Control and Investigation Board, the Public Prosecution, General Auditing Bureau and the Presidency of State Security, at the Nazaha's Center for Training, at its headquarters, in Riyadh, during the period 24-27/6/2019.

The program of the course aims to identify the main features of e-procurement in the Kingdom, examples of international practices including the collection and dissemination of data on procurement activities, the use of data and technology analysis to assess and manage corruption risks, in public procurement, the use of technology to digitally implement procurement commitments under the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNCAC), and to enable access to the Open Government Partnership (OGP), with information and stakeholder engagement principles.

Nazaha organizing of such training courses proceeded from its statute in organizing conferences, seminars training programs on protecting integrity, promoting transparency and fighting corruption.

Source: Saudi Press Agency