UAE Ministry of Climate Change bans use of gargoor fishing nets in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, The UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has issued Ministerial Resolution to ban the use of gargoor nets in Abu Dhabi effective 1st May 2019, WAM news agency reported today.

It added that the move is part of a comprehensive plan to ensure the protection and recovery of fisheries in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and in line with the recommendations, studies, and monitoring programmes of the Environment Agency.

The Resolution comes in response to the recent results of the Fisheries Resources Assessment Survey, FRAS, that was conducted by EAD, in partnership with the ministry as part of the UAE National Fisheries Programme, to assess the state of Abu Dhabi's fish stocks.

The survey revealed that the demersal fish stock is vulnerable to high deterioration; the Hamour (Orange-spotted Grouper) and Farsh (Painted Sweetlips) have witnessed a significant decline to 10 percent of their adult (reproductive) stock size and are overexploited by up to five times the sustainable limit.

Source: Saudi Press Agency