Saudi Ambassador to India: Crown Prince’s Visit to India, Historic Opportunity to Enhance Strategic Cooperation, Relations

New Delhi, The current visit of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense to India, is an extension of the meetings between the leaderships of the two countries and a historic opportunity to strengthen their historical friendship, strategic partnership and close cooperation between the two countries, in all fields, Saudi Ambassador to India Saud bin Mohammed Al-Satti remarked.

Al-Satti explained that India is the fourth trading partner of the Kingdom, adding that the close cooperation between the two countries covers various fields, including energy, trade, investment, cooperation in the field of security and combating terrorism as well as enhancing regional and international security and stability.

"The relations between the Kingdom and India have grown steadily over the past decade and the cooperation between the two countries has increased after reciprocal visits by the leaders and officials of the two countries, which confirm the clear desire for further cooperation," he told Saudi Press Agency.

He also stressed the importance of the visit for strengthening relations, in various fields, and achieving more opportunities to deepen cooperation and strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Stressing the economic relationship between the Kingdom and India, he pointed out that it is gaining prominence due to the pioneering economic role, in the region and the world, and the complementarities between the two countries' economies, focusing on economic modernization and implementing major plans and strategies for rapid economic development, investment and technology transfer.

He added that the Kingdom has ambitious plans for economic development in the framework of its future Vision 2030, which includes attracting investments, localizing industries, promoting development and achieving significant quantum leap forward, in the Saudi economy, pointing out that India is a strategic partner of the Kingdom, in development process.

Major Indian companies have a significant presence in the Saudi market through projects in the various domains of development, infrastructure, agriculture, investment and technology, he said.

The Ambassador concluded that the visit of HRH Crown Prince to India will transform the partnership between the two friendly countries into new horizons, leading into more opportunities and deepen existing strong ties to best serve their common interests.

Source: Saudi Press Agency