Iran Accuses Saudi Arabia, UAE And Pakistan Of Backing And Harboring Terrorists

BAGHDAD, Iran will carry out reprisals in response to terrorist plots, accusing Pakistan of supporting the group responsible for the recent suicide attack, which killed dozens of members of the Revolutionary Guards, the commander-in-chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Mohammed Ali Jaafari, said.

"The Pakistani government, which has harbored so many dangerous elements in the region, must take responsibility for the recent terrorist crime," Fares News Agency quoted Jaafari as saying.

Jaafari added, "The regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in revenge for the blood of these martyrs, will certainly take retaliatory action against the plots supported by reactionary countries in the region, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE and orders from America and the Zionist entity."

He said "The Pakistani government, which has harbored these dangerous elements on Islam and the revolution in the region, and knows where its positions are supported by the Pakistani government security forces, has to take responsibility for this crime carried out by these elements."

He continued, "There is no doubt that if they are not punished, retaliation will be carried out by these anti-revolutionary elements, and the Pakistani government will see the consequences of supporting the anti-revolutionary elements."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency