Algeria energy revenues up 15 pct, in 2018, trade deficit down

Algiers, Algeria's energy earnings rose 15.27 percent (pct) in 2018 from the previous year due to higher global oil prices, the government said on Saturday.

Stronger revenues helped to reduce the OPEC member's trade deficit by 53.73 percent to $5.03 billion in 2018, according to customs figures, Reuters reported.

Oil and gas exports, which accounted for 93.13 percent of total sales abroad, reached $38.34 billion, up from $33.26 billion, in 2017, the figures showed.

The overall value of exports stood at $41.17 billion compared to $35.19 billion, in 2017. Imports rose 0.3 percent to $46.20 billion, in 2018, according to customs' data.

Source: Saudi Press Agency