Nasrallah: Iran most influential country in region, ranked ninth worldwide

Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, participated on Wednesday in a celebration marking the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, held at the Sayyed al-Shuhada Complex in the southern suburbs of Beirut, saying via giant screens that "Iran is deemed the most influential country in the events of the region, and was categorized as one of the 13 influential countries in world events, ranking ninth among those countries."

Choosing to" prioritize the theme of the occasion", Nasrallah said "It is one of the few opportunities that I might get to talk in details about the Islamic revolution, not for the purpose of digging into history, but to get to the present reality in which Iran is the biggest headline of events and developments."

Nasrallah paid tribute to Imam Khomeini, the historical leader of this revolution and this victory, and to the souls of the martyrs who fell before, during and after victory was reaped.

The Hezbollah chief denied the presence of a "Saudi-Iranian conflict," stressing that "the precise description [of what is going on] is a US war against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Saudi Arabia is merely a tool in this war, along with some Gulf countries."

"Some claim that what is ongoing in the region is an Israeli-Iranian war, which is not true. Israel has been in conflict with the region, the Palestinian people and the Arab peoples since before the Islamic revolution's victory, before 1948," he said.

"Those who are fighting Iran with news, politics, sanctions, sabotage and takfirism are only executing an American scheme," Nasrallah argued.

Maintaining that "the conflict in the region will remain dormant and will take different forms," Nasrallah reiterated "the strength of the axis of resistance, Israel's further panic, and America's looming withdrawal from the region," ruling out any Israeli war against Iran.

"If war is ever waged against Iran, we will not stand cross-handed," he asserted.

"The wisdom of the Iranian leadership will go beyond the sanctions, and we will also overcome them with patience and resolve, for the victory of the axis of resistance is what matters most," he corroborated, advising the region's countries to "reconsider their views of Iran as the latter wants nothing from the Arab people neither has ambitions in Arab wealth, like the Americans."

Turning to the Lebanese people and government, Nasrallah asked whether [they] had "the courage to solve the problem of electricity in Lebanon through Iran, which is richly experienced in this sector. The same question applies to the drug, tunnels construction and military sectors."

Nasrallah, accordingly, expressed his "readiness to provide military support from Iran to the Lebanese army."

"What we need in Lebanon is "real sovereignty and courage," he said, challenging "those who accuse Iran of having asked Hezbollah for anything or having given the party orders."

Source: National News Agency