Bahraini High Criminal Court Rules in Terror Case

Manama, Bahrain's High Criminal Court ruled today in the case of twelve suspects charged with forming and joining a terrorist group, possessing and making explosives, possessing fire weapons and ammunition without a license from the Interior Minister with the aim to commit a terror act, training on making and using weapons and explosives and possessing pornographic materials.

The High Criminal Court sentenced seven suspects to life in jail and fined one of them BD 500. It sentenced two suspects to ten years in jail and fined each one of them BD 500. It also sentenced a female suspect to five years in prison and fined her BD 500. The eleventh suspect was handed three years in prison and was fined BD 500. The court also fined four suspects BD 100, ruled to revoke the Bahraini citizenship of all the suspects except the twelfth one and ordered to confiscate the seized items.

Source: Saudi Press Agency