Bahraini Parliamentary Committee Slams Iran’s Meddling

Manama, The Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee at Bahrain's Council of Representatives has expressed deep concern over and denunciation of the statements of the Spokesperson of the Iranian Foreign Ministry regarding the judicial verdicts in Bahrain, stressing that they are categorically rejected.

In a statement issued today, the committee said that the rejected statements and calls are within Iran's systematic strategy against the Kingdom of Bahrain, and are no stranger to a country that is constantly keen on being a source of instability and tension in the entire region, and on fomenting violence and extremism, igniting sedition and blatantly interfering into the internal affairs of other countries, thereby flouting all international norms and conventions in force.

The committee emphasized that the extremist Iranian regime's threats to regional and international security and stability are increasing, and its flagrant interference in Bahrain's domestic affairs and casting doubt on its impartial judiciary continue, which, the statement said, contravenes all provisions of international agreements between states, particularly Article (41) of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961, which calls for the respect of the laws and regulations of the receiving State and urges non-interference in the internal affairs of that State.

The panel called on the International Community to counter Iran's interference firmly, and to take serious and prompt actions to address such dangerous and repeated violations.

The committee reiterated its full rejection of any form of interference in Bahrain's affairs or casting doubt in the integrity and independence of its Judiciary from any country regarding any case heard by Bahraini courts.

Source: Saudi Press Agency