Abadi: Iran’s Interference In Forming Governments And Choosing Ruling Elites Makes Him Sad

BAGHDAD, Former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed existence of Iranian influence in Iraq, exercises in formation of governments and the selection of ruling elites. Indicating that this makes him sad.

"There is influence in Iraq from several countries," Abadi said in a statement to the RT channel" confirming his rejection to the work of the services of some countries, whether from the United States, Iran or Saudi Arabia, in influencing the formation of governments in his country.

He added that the external interference in political life in Iraq was a result of "weakness" and "internal conflict" and giving priority to special interests rather than the public interests, calling for national unity not against neighboring countries but "to cooperate for internal interests."

Abadi warned that "the Iraqi armed forces have a view and a political decision to take sides in favor of a political party against another, stressing that this will lead to a conflict between these forces for their interests against the interests of the citizen."

He said: "Any security responsibility within the country is the powers of the civilian authority, these (the Iraqi armed forces and popular mobilization), and they should not interfere in the formation of ministries and the government ... they should not enter the political conflict .. This is a threat to the country.. We do not want this country to be controlled by armed groups seeking their political interests only against the interests of the citizen. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency