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في إطار مبادرة مشتركة بين الواحة والأكاديمية الأوروبية للابتكار واحة قطر للعلوم والتكنولوجيا تطلق النسخة الثانية من الأكاديمية العربية للابتكار الدوحة، قطر، 2 يناير 2019: أطلقت واحة قطر للعلوم والتكنولوجيا، عضو قطاع البحوث والتطوير والابتكار في مؤسسة قطر، بالتعاون مع

‫تتوسع مجلة Altitudes في تقديم خدماتها عبر الإنترنت بتدشين خدمة حجز الطيران الشارتر (الخاص) حسب الطلب

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 02 من يناير، 2019/PRNewswire/ – خدمة حجز الطيران الشارتر (الخاص) حسب الطلب  متاحة الآن  حصرياً على موقع  altitudesmagazine.com – خدمة جديدة تديرها شركة الطيران الخاص العالمية FLYING GROUP MIDDLE EAST  ومقرها في دبي الجنوب خدمة حجز

Integrity Commission: PM Adel Abdul Mahdi is the first one to disclose his financial status in 2019

BAGHDAD, The Integrity Commission today revealed the disclosure of Prime Minister Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, the financial status for the year 2019.The Department of Prevention in the Commission stressed that it received the form of financial disclosure for...

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Condoles Russian President on Victims of Residential Building Collapse in Magnitogorsk

Riyadh, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has sent a cable of condolences to President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation on the collapsing of a residential building in Magnitogorsk, Russia, which resulted in

Hoshyar Abdullah: The Green Zone is not just a road to be opened, but a file full of corruption with regard to the real estate being exploited by officials

Baghdad, Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Hoshyar Abdullah said that the Green Zone is not only a road to be opened to citizens, but a file full of corruption in respect of properties exploited by officials, expressing support for

British Lawmakers Seek Access to Women Jailed in Saudi Arabia

A group of British lawmakers and international advocates are seeking access to female activists jailed in Saudi Arabia to investigate allegations of torture and sexual assault in prison.Saudi Arabia imprisoned more than a dozen women last year, most of...

In Yemen, World’s Worst Cholera Outbreak Traced to Eastern Africa

LONDON, Scientists have found that a strain of cholera causing an epidemic in Yemen � the worst in recorded history � came from eastern Africa and was probably borne into Yemen by migrants.Using genomic sequencing techniques, researchers at Britain's W...

Interior Ministry’s 2018 achievements to be highlighted

Manama, The weekly Al Amn Radio show will continue to focus on the accomplishments of the Interior Ministry during the year 2018. The programme which will be aired on Radio Bahrain tomorrow, Thursday will also highlight new plans for the