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إلى المستقبل: جي أيه سي تحتفل بمفصل معلمي في رحلتها للطاقة الجديدة وتطلق مشروعا مغامرا مع أيسين أيه دبليو

اكتمال بناء المرحلة الأولى من مصنع الطاقة الجديدة لجي أيه سي الذكي والصديق للبيئة (“المصنع”)؛ وإذ يمثل استثمارا بقيمة 4.7 مليار يوان (680 مليون دولار أميركي)، هذا المصنع سيبدأ الإنتاج في أيار/مايو 2019، وهو يهدف إلى تحقيق قدرة إنتاج 400,000

مركز بيثل وودز للفنون، وشركتا لايف نيشن وإنفنت تتحالف لإنتاج مهرجان جديد لثلاثة أيام من الموسيقى والثقافة والمجتمع

بيثل، نيويورك، 28 كانون الأول/ديسمبر، 2018 / بي آر نيوزواير / — أعلن مركز بيثل وودز للفنون، وهو مركز ثقافي غير ربحي يقع في الموقع التاريخي لمهرجان وودستوك للعام 1969 في بيثل بنيويورك، ولايف نيشن، وهي شركة الاحتفالات الموسيقية الحية

Several people injured in an attack on a church in the Austrian capital

BAGHDAD, Eight to 15 people were seriously wounded in an attack on a church in the Austrian capital Vienna.Two unidentified people attacked a church of a Catholic monastery north of Vienna, and there were reports of gunshots during the attack,

A number of persons accused of various criminal offenses arrested in different parts of Baghdad

BAGHDAD, The Criminal Investigation Directorate of Baghdad has announced the arrest of a number of defendants of various criminal offenses according to judicial warrants issued by the competent courts in different parts of the capital."A suspect wanted...

World stock markets struggle to finish strong after wild week

New York, Investors gravitated to safe-haven assets on Friday as worries about the world economy persisted, cutting short a two-day rebound in U.S. stocks.U.S. stocks see-sawed, making it difficult for world equity indexes to end one of the most brutal...

UN Security Council Condemns Attack on Libyan Foreign Ministry

Tripoli, The United Nations Security Council on issued yesterday evening a statement on the attack on the Foreign Ministry in Tripoli, in which it condemned in the strongest terms the attack, describing it as a heinous and cowardly terrorist act.The

Aoun hails role of security apparatuses nationwide in protecting stability, fighting crime and corruption

President Michel Aoun on Friday heaped praise on the role assumed by all of the state security apparatuses across the country, especially in terms of protecting stability and security, in addition to fighting crime and corruption.Aoun met at Baabda pal...

Labour minister receives charity society delegation

Manama, Labour and Social Development Miinister Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan received a delegation representing Eskan A'ali Charity Society, led by Chairman Hussein Mansour Al-Haddad, and discussed the possibility of allocating a permant location f...