Iranian News Agency: A Terrorist Attack Targeting Islamic Revolutionary Guard In Ahvaz.. Number Of Victims Is Not Known Yet

BAGHDAD, A number of armed terrorists on Saturday morning shot at the military parade of the armed forces in the southern Iranian city of Ahwaz, Tasnim International News Agency reported.

The agency quoted media sources as saying that "this attack resulted in the number of martyrs and wounded, without knowing the number so far."

"A terrorist group infiltrated to the back park of the military parade and from that point fired shots at the ceremony. The terrorists could not penetrate the ceremony, but they fired at the ceremony from that distance," it said.

According to preliminary information, the terrorists were initially targeted the ceremony platform and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The information also indicates that a number of martyrs and wounded were members of Islamic Revolution Guards units participating in the ceremony.

The terrorist group fled after it opened fire, and the security forces are currently pursuing this terrorist group.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards said an armed group active in Ahwaz holds the responsibility for the terrorist attack on the military parade in Ahvaz.

The spokesman for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Ramadan Sharif said that "armed militants of Ahwazi group are those who shot at the people and the armed forces," adding that "this group is supported by Saudi Arabia."

The spokesman of the Revolutionary Guards added, "This group previously targeted summer camps, which is held by the Basij."

At least nine members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard were killed in an armed attack during a military parade in the southwestern city of Ahvaz on Saturday morning.

The Iranian President, Hassan Rohani, left the military parade in Tehran after the news of the armed attack on the military parade in Ahvaz.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency