4 Saudis Nominated for Arab Union for Special Needs’ Leading Posts

Riyadh, The General Assembly of the Arab Union of Special Groups, held its ninth meeting, in Tunis, in the presence of representatives of the Arab Paralympic Committees.

The Saudi delegation to the meetings, included the Executive Director of the Saudi Paralympic Committee Rafd Alqdeb, board Askar Al Harthy and the Financial Director of the committee, Abdulmohsen Al-Mayouf.

During the meeting, Mr. Askar Al-Harthy was nominated as Vice-President of the Arab Union for Special Groups for the Arab Gulf Region and as the General Supervisor of the Committee for Marketing and Development of Financial Resources, while Alqdeb was elected as representative of the Union, in the Union of Arab Committees.

The Director of the Saudi Paralympic Committee Rashid Al-Badah was also nominated as Chairman of the Technical Committee and Competitions, in the Arab Federation of Special Groups and finally, the Financial Director of the Saudi Paralympic Abdulmohsen Al-Mayouf was elected as a member of the Coordinating Committee of the Union of Arab committees.

Source: Saudi Press Agency