Rampling after visiting Berri: We will continue our work together for Lebanon’s security, stability and prosperity

In a press release by the British Embassy in Beirut, it said: "British Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling, on Wednesday met with House Speaker Nabih Berri.

Following his meeting, Ambassador Rampling said: 'I'm delighted to have just had the opportunity to see the Speaker of the parliament. Lebanon is a wonderful country but also a country that is extremely important for the United Kingdom.

We are proud of the work the UK and Lebanon have been able to do recently for the security and stability of Lebanon.

And I'm thinking in particular of some of the work we have been able to do on helping the Lebanese Armed Forces to secure the Lebanese-Syrian border, education for all, and on service delivery in Lebanese municipalities.

It is extremely important for us that the Lebanese State is strong, and the United Kingdom will continue to support Lebanon's security, stability and prosperity going forward. As I said to the Speaker, I very much look forward to continue to work with him over the coming years.'"

Source: National News Agency