An MP for Saeron: We would prefer the opposition to participate in a quota government

BAGHDAD, MP for the Saeron Alliance Hassan al-Juhaishi, said that "his Alliance prefers to go to the opposition to participate in the government of quotas.

"The opposition option is better for us than to participate in a quota government that does not serve the people of Iraq," al-Juhaishi said in a statement.

He added that "the people are waiting for a position on the political process to give the next Prime Minister freedom and independence of the choice of Ministers according to the norms of reform that the people came out for."

Al-Juhaishi said that "the positions of Saeron continue to exist on the choice of an independent, fair and strong figure for Prime Minister," noting that "the names that appear in some media about taking over to fill some Ministries are untrue.

Al-Juhaishi warned that there are information machines that want to block the project of reforming the political process launched by the Alliance.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency