NIHR’s committee holds 16th meeting

Manama, The Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Committee at the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) held its 16th meeting, under the chairmanship of Dr. Hameed Ahmed Husain.

Members Abdulla Al-Dirazi and Wedad Radhi Al Moosawi attended the meeting.

The panel discussed a consultative opinion prepared by the NIHR's Secretariat-General on the right of the elderly to decent living standards.

The committee agreed on the importance of amending the existing relevant national legislation and laws in order to ensure that the elderly enjoy all their rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution.

The committee reviewed the resolutions and recommendations of the previous meetings, and what has been done regarding them so far.

The panel decided to hold a round-table bringing together the representatives of persons with autism and those of the competent ministries, state departments and the civil society's organisations.

The joint meeting would come up with recommendations and ensure continuous cooperation among all the relevant parties in order to increase their role and contributions to supporting autistic persons.

Source: Bahrain News Agency