Daher says gas tax hike one of proposals to solve housing loan crisis

Member of Parliament, Michel Daher, said in a statement on Tuesday that the meeting that had taken place between some MPs and the Governor of the Lebanese Central Bank carried the title of supporting the operational industrial capital, which suffers a sharp decline.

"In a chat with the Governor, we discussed solutions to the housing loan crisis, as the focus was on securing the revenues necessary to resolve this crisis; the gasoline tax hike was only one of these proposals; therefore, everyone must stop blowing things out of proportion," Daher's statement read.

"The financial war that Lebanon is being exposed to has targeted some of its financial institutions in New York and London by means of exerting pressure on the Lebanese treasury bonds. This is way more serious than what we've been witnessing, especially that some media and politicians contribute -- intentionally or with sheer ignorance -- to this campaign, which may lead to negative results if we do not swiftly address their effects," the lawmaker added.

Source: National News Agency