Abi Khalil partakes in ‘Gastech 2018’ Conference in Barcelona

Caretaker Energy and Water Minister, Cesar Abi Khalil, assured that the Lebanese State seeks through its petroleum resources' management strategy to improve the rules of accountability and ensure the rights of future generations in these resources.

Minister Abi Khalil's fresh words on Tuesday came during his participation in the "Gastech 2018" conference in Barcelona, along with a delegation of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA.)

Abi Khalil said Lebanon's adopted energy strategy mainly centers on renewable energy and natural gas.

Partaking a dialogue session with energy ministers and experts from various countries, Abu Khalil said Lebanon relies in its natural gas strategy on piers aiming at achieving the sustainability of this sector, ensuring competitiveness, and creating value for the national economy and social development.

The Minister also noted that Lebanon's natural gas strategy aims to ensure energy security and improve accountability factors for natural resources' management in the country.

Abi Khalil also spoke about the projects that the Lebanese state intends to implement in the gas sector, in addition to the Ministry and LPA's preparations to launch the offshore Gas and Oil Exploration second licensing round in 2019.

Source: National News Agency