Netherlands Announces The Withdrawal Of Its Fighter Jets From Iraq

Baghdad, The Dutch government has announced that it will withdraw its F-16 fighter jets, which are participating in bombing campaigns against Daesh organization in Iraq and Syria, by the end of this year.

The Dutch government said in a statement, according to France Press "It decided not to extend the mission of F-16 fighter jets in the fight against Daesh organization beyond the December 31 next."

The statement said that "four F-16 fighter jets involved in bombing Daesh organization in Iraq since October 2014 and the operations were extended when fighter jets carried out their first mission in Syria in early 2016."

"The participation of its military forces in Iraq will shift from attacks against Daesh to the strengthening of security in Iraq" so that people can safely return to their homes and continue their lives, the Dutch government said.

Up to 50 Dutch soldiers will be deployed in northern Iraq to train and maintain the security of the liberated areas, and 12 Special Forces troops will remain in Baghdad to continue training Iraqi forces.

20 civilian and military personnel will also be in NATO's capacity-building mission in Iraq focused on "strengthening security in Iraq."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency