Arab Foreign Ministers warn against compromising Palestinian rights

BAGHDAD, The Arab Foreign Ministers stressed the need for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to continue its pivotal role in meeting the humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees.

The Ministers warned in a statement issued at the end of their special session held in Cairo to discuss the crisis of UNRWA, the violation of the agency or the reduction of services.

"Preserving UNRWA means respecting the right of refugees to live in dignity and the right of more than 550,000 refugee children to go to school, and an international affirmation that the issue of Palestinian refugees is a final status issue that is resolved on the basis of international legitimacy resolutions," the Ministers said in their statement.

During the meeting held on the sidelines of the 150th session of the Council of Ministers at the ministerial level, the Ministers agreed to continue discussing the issue in the light of the outcome of the international meeting called for by Jordan in coordination with Egypt and Palestine and in cooperation with Sweden, Germany, Japan and the European Union.

The Ministers appreciated the international positions in support of the work of the Agency and expressed their thanks to all the countries that have provided financial support this year, which led to the collection of about 200 million dollars in additional funding and the reduction of the fiscal deficit this year from about 417 million to 217 million dollars, that contributed to open schools and continue to provide services. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency