Iranian Revolutionary Guards claimed responsibility for the bombing of opposition Kurds in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iranian Revolutionary Guard claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on their Kurdish rivals in Iraq on Saturday.

The Iranian Guard said in a statement that it is noted the increasing evils of terrorist groups in recent months, linked to the global arrogance forces on the border between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kurdistan, insecurity and sabotage in the provinces of Western Azerbaijan and Kermanshah, the last few weeks in the border areas of Marivan and Camarayan, which included deadly attacks. "

He added that "ignoring the authorities in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to the warnings and continue terrorist acts of armed groups pushed the missile unit to carry out a successful targeting of a meeting of these criminal gangs with seven short-range missiles."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its rejection of the bombardment that targeted the district of Kuesengaq in the province of Arbil, which led to the fall of a number of victims.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency