Bahraini women’s strides highlighted

Brussels, A Supreme Council for Women (SCW) delegation led by Secretary-General Hala Al-Ansari held a meeting with the Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

The two sides discussed the role of elected parliamentary committees in charge of following up women's rights and equal opportunities to ensure their integration in policies and national legislations.

The SCW delegation highlighted the role of the legislative branch of government in Bahrain in promoting gender balance and using parliamentary tools to ensure equal opportunities.

The delegation underlined the national model for integrating women's needs in development policies, outlining the progress achieved so far to bridge the pay gap and support women's participation in the national economy.

The EU Parliamentary committee members stressed the role of the panel in promote women's rights, stressing particularly family stability and women's participation in the labour market.

The SCW delegation and the EU Parliamentary committee members stressed the importance of exchanging expertise between the two sides.

Source: Bahrain News Agency