Khalil after Baabda meeting: Financial and monetary situation safe and sound

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Friday chaired a meeting at the Baabda palace devoted to following up on the current economic and financial situation in the country, attended by Caretaker Minister of Finance, Ali Hassan Khalil, and Head of the Finance and Budget Parliamentary Committee, MP Ibrahim Kanaan.

President Aoun affirmed that the current economic situation is a top priority within his agenda.

Speaking in the wake of the meeting, Minister Khalil confirmed that all the available data indicated the monetary and financial situation in Lebanon was safe and sound.

Khalil said the meeting was a chance to brief the President on the preliminary aspects of the state budget 2019 and the presumed challenges in this regard.

The Minister added that discussions also covered the already accomplished reform targets approved in the 2018 budget in close cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities.

In turn, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, said after meeting, "It is our duty to follow up on the state budget reforms that have been approved," stressing that all the intimidations alluding to an economic collapse are inaccurate.

Later, President Aoun met with Caretaker Minister of Culture, Dr. Ghattas Khoury, with whom he held a tour d'horizon bearing on the general situation and the government formation process.

On the other hand, Aoun also welcomed head of the Central Inspection Body, Judge George Attieh.

The President separately met with Medicine Importers' Syndicate Head, Arman Fares, who visited the President with an accompanying delegation.

Among Aoun's itinerant visitors for today had been head of the Higher Disciplinary Body Judge Marwan Abboud.

Source: National News Agency