Iraq, Iran Agree To Open Khosravi Border Crossing During The Arbaeen Visit

Baghdad, The governor of Kermanshah, Hoshenk Basund announced that Iran and Iraq agreed to open Khosravi border crossing during the next al-Arbaeen visit.

"The two sides agreed to conclude a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to reopen the Khosravi border crossing," Basund said, adding, "the memorandum was signed during the visit of the Iranian interior minister who arrived in Iraq yesterday to discuss border security and facilitate the entry and exit of Iranian visitors at Arbaeen visit. "

He stressed that the two sides "signed a memorandum of understanding on the Arbaeen visit," noting that" the most important items of the memorandum is to reopen the crossing, "Khosravi" in front of visitors"

He concluded, "The Khosravi crossing, in terms of infrastructure, is fully equipped to receive visitors."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency