Moqtada al-Sadr: Iraq urgently needs a peaceful and honorable stand to be the first signs of rebuilding it

Najaf, The Leader of the Sadrist Movement Moqtada al-Sadr called on his followers to go to broad participation in the establishment of a unified prayer, which he described as " corrupt and humiliate the oppressors," stressing that "Iraq urgently needs a peaceful honorable stand to be the first signs of its reconstruction. "

"The believers in Iraq are preparing to hold a unified prayer," he said in a speech. "Peace be upon Iraq and the people of Iraq."

He added: "Give them a millionth prayer, and the corrupt ones will turn away from them, and the oppressors will be humiliated, and the believers will be put to fear, and the oppressed will rise up in them.

"Oh, Iraqis , come together, as Iraq needs for an honorable, peaceful and honorable position, which will be, if God wills, the first signs of building a new Iraq far from any corrupt, sinful, unjust and every aggressor and occupier," he said.

"Iraq is your Iraq and your homeland is your country and its goods to you, not to the corrupt and the thieves, you Iraqis, all your sects and you, whether you are Muslim or Christian or other dignified citizens."

He concluded as saying: "To reserve what I said earlier: love of the homeland is of faith .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency