Source From State Of Law Coalition: Tomorrow Or Thursday The Announcement Of The Largest Bloc

Baghdad, A source in the State of Law Coalition confirmed, "Wednesday or Thursday there will be the announcement of the largest bloc formally."

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA/ that "the largest bloc will include between 200 to 210 MPs from the State of Law, al-Fatah, the National Axis Alliance in all its formations and the two main Kurdish parties and 30 MPs from al-Nasr Coalition, from Ataa movement and Fadhilah party as well as MPs from the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP)."

The source added that "there is a movement for leaders in the State of Law Coalition and the Fatah to bring Sa'iroon to this Alliance."

He explained that "if Sa'iroon does not join the alliance, we will enter to the parliament and we register it in a formal manner to form the next government."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency