Khazali: We Will Not Agree On Any Govt Program Unless It Includes Realistic Solutions To The Water And Electricity Crisis In Basra And Iraq In general

Najaf, The Secretary General of Asaib Ahl al-Haq Qais al-Khazali criticized what he described as "the government's backward and shameful attitude towards the suffering of citizens in the province of Basra," stressing his refusal to participate in any government program for any future government unless it includes realistic solutions and within timelines for the water and electricity crisis in Basra and Iraq in general.

"In the light of the suffering of our people in the province of Basra, because of the lack of water for human use, we believe that it is incumbent on us and all honorable people of this country to take the public position, which is honorable and required in return for the government's backward and shameful position," Khazali said in a tweet.. "

He concluded by saying, "we confirm that we will not agree on any government program for any government unless it contains realistic solutions and within the timetables of the water and electricity crisis in all Iraq, especially Basra."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency