Karbouli: Halbousi More Fortunate Than Nujaifi To Head The Next Parliament

Baghdad, "The number of members of the National Axis Alliance 52 deputies and the Iraqi forces coalition 37 deputies unanimously nominated Mohammed Halbusi for the post of speaker of the next parliament."

Karbouli told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that "what is from the National Axis Alliance that they have another candidate or a compromised candidate or go to internal elections to nominate those who have the highest votes for the next post, as decided in 2014 when Salim Jubouri and Ahmed Al-Masari were nominated and al-Jubouri won."

He added that "Halbousi has in a addition to 37 deputies, more than half plus within the national axis and any person who goes to the nomination should have half plus one and Halabusi already has more than this number." He pointed out that "there is a group Salim Jubouri and another to Falah Hassan Zaidan supporters to Halbousi, bringing the number to 45 deputies with real signatures. "

Karbouli said that "the Iraqi forces alliance is waiting for other deputies in the national axis / Iraqi decision alliance/ because their candidate is / Osama Najafi / and the nomination for the post either by consensus or internal vote within the National Axis Alliance, and it will be resolved before the first meeting of parliament."

He pointed out that "Halbusi has the chances to win the post through the acceptance of the other political blocs as a young man and his success in the post of governor of Anbar."

It is mentioned that a source in the Iraqi forces coalition confirmed voting today unanimously on the nomination of Mohamed al-Halbusi for the presidency of the next parliament.

The source in the coalition told NINA that "the coalition of Iraqi forces coalition / one of the components of the National Axis Alliance / decided today and unanimously on the nomination of Anbar governor Mohammed Halbusi for the presidency of the next parliament."

The source added that "the Iraqi forces coalition voted in the presence of its 37 MPs of the total MPs of the National Axis Alliance of 52 MPs to nominate Mohamed Halbusi for the post of speaker of parliament."

The candidates for this position before today were Osama Najafi, Talal Khudair al-Zobaie in addition to Halbusi.

Mohammed Rikan al-Halbusi was born on October 2, 1982. He is a member of the Al-Hal party bloc led by businessman Jamal Karbouli.

On August 29, 2017, the Anbar Provincial Council voted to elect Mohammed Al Halbusi to replace former governor Suhaib Ismail Al-Rawi.

He served as a deputy in the Iraqi House of Representatives since 2014, and then Samia Mohammed al-Ghalab has occupied his seat in the Council after selecting him as governor of Anbar.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency