Bahraini writers’ contribution to cultural scene praised

Manama, Advisor to His Majesty the King for Media Affairs Nabil bin Yaqoob Al Hamar received in his office at Gudaibiya Palace today Dr. Mouza Isa Salman Al Douwi, the Assistant Professor in sociology at the University of Bahrain, who presented him with a copy of her book on political participation of Bahraini women-challenges and ambitions.

Al Hamar praised the efforts made in compiling the book and the valuable information it contains on participation of Bahraini women in political life. He lauded the role of Bahraini women and their effective contribution to national work under the royal reform project. He also expressed appreciation of the role of Bahraini writers and researchers and their efforts to boost Bahrain's standing in the cultural and intellectual fields.

Dr. Mouza Al Douwi expressed thanks and respect to Advisor Nabil Al Hamar for his support and encouragement to Bahraini writers and researchers, describing it as an incentive to issue more publications and researches.

Source: Bahrain News Agency