Iran: Our Exports To Iraq Amounted To About 4 Billion Dollars

BAGHDAD, Iran has announced that "The volume of its exports to Iraq amounted to about 4 billion dollars.

"Iran expects its exports to Iraq to reach 15 billion dollars a year," said Hamid Hosseini, joint secretary-general of the Iranian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce, added "In the first four months of this year, the volume of Iran's exports to Iraq amounted to about 4 billion dollars"

"The coming period is witnessing a growth in Iranian exports to Iraq," Hosseini said, adding that "the security and stability witnessed by the country in addition to the increase in the price of goods in Iraq was one of the most important reasons for raising the proportion of Iranian exports to Iraq.

Iranian trade attache in Iraq, Mohammad Reza Zadeh, announced that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries amounts to 13 billion dollars a year, including 6 billion and 200 million dollars exports of non-Iranian oil products to Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency