Economist To NINA: The Iraqi Private Sector Is Not Obliged To Implement The Sanctions Imposed On Iran

BAGHDAD, The private sector in Iraq is not obliged to carry out US sanctions on Iran, the economist Basim Jamil Intwan said.

"It is difficult for Iraq to cut off its economic relations with Iran until the alternative is found, since the two countries have extensive relations," he told the Iraqi National News Agency (NINA).

He added that "the private sector in Iraq is not bound to implement the US sanctions imposed on Iran, indicating that the low price of the Iranian currency will make the price of Iranian goods attractive to Iraqi trader and there will be smuggling of Iranian goods into Iraq, ie entry without payment of fees to the state. "

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on the seventh of this month, Iraq's non-interaction with US sanctions against Iran, but said "the government will abide by them to protect the interests of Iraq, we cannot get out of the international system and the world economy and we cannot harm the interests of our people.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency